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African Co-operatives Register

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Unlock a world of opportunities and ensure compliance with your Cooperative Societies Act? The cooperatives register is an innovative compliance platform developed by Co-ops Africa and driven by national cooperative federations.



Zimbabwe National Cooperatives Register

The Zimbabwe National Cooperative Federation (ZNCF) was registered in 1993 under the Co-operative Societies Act [Chapter 24:05]. ZNCF is the supreme representative organ of the Co-operative movement in Zimbabwe at National and International level.

Registration benefits

Available to registered cooperators and co-op societies


Co-op Savings and Loan

https://bank.coops.africa. Co-op Savings and Loan (CSL) hosts Savings and Loan products of savings and credit co-ops across Africa. CSL brings convenient processing of online loans and allows members to borrow more by offering lines of credit to their societies. CSL makes credit: more, easier and faster.


Co-op Wealth Plans

https://wealth.coops.africa. Contribute monthly to any Co-ops Africa Wealth Plans and use your accumulated balance to: i) buy from thousands of cooperative members just like you. i) Make easy payments to other members and participating merchants. ii) Build a retirement portfolio in Co-op Debentures and use the same as collateral.


Co-op Pay

Co-op Pay is a revolutionary e-wallet service, designed to provide seamless and convenient digital transactions for the African Cooperative Movement.


Co-op Books

Co-op Books is a cloud based Co-op Resource Planning (CRP) platform. Co-ops on Co-op Books gain access to comprehensive Human Resource Management (HRM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Accounting, and Project Management modules for co-op efficiency and regulatory compliance.



At the Co-operatives Debentures Exchange, we provide a secure and transparent platform for cooperative societies to issue Debentures, known as CDEs, and raise vital funds for their cooperative businesses. Our goal is to foster economic growth and financial stability across Africa by connecting cooperative societies with eager investors.


Co-op Store

The Co-op Store sells Co-op Brand products to a captive cooperator market supplied by African co-operative societies and merchant partners who source raw materials from co-operative societies in Africa.


Co-op Food

Your gateway to savor the rich and diverse flavors of Africa, delivered right to your doorstep. We are proud to collaborate with African Catering Cooperatives, ensuring that you experience the authentic taste of African cuisine.



The Institute of Cooperative Movement hosts co-op governance courses offered by learning institutions across the continent.