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wealth in cooperation

Co-ops Africa is a cost-effective solution where your cooperative can focus on its core mission while leaving the complexities of compliance to our seasoned professionals.



We assist in setting up cooperative societies

Co-ops Africa takes care of the entire process, from drafting bylaws to navigating regulatory intricacies. Trust our experienced team to ensure your cooperative is established efficiently, adhering to all legal requirements. This not only saves time but also minimizes the risk of errors that can lead to delays in registration.

Co-op Systems

We build co-op systems

Our specialists at Co-ops Africa understand the significance of accurate record-keeping. From issuing share certificates to managing member registers, disciplinary processes, and training programs, we handle it all. Outsourcing these tasks to us ensures meticulous attention to detail, compliance with regulations, and efficient resource management, allowing your cooperative to flourish.


We do bookkeeping, accounts and audits

Our experienced accountants and auditors manage bookkeeping, maintain accounts, and conduct audits with precision. This not only ensures compliance with financial regulations but also provides accurate insights for strategic decision-making.


We raise funds for cooperatives

Let us manage your surplus funds and raise the capital your society needs. Navigating the complexities of capital raising, investments can be daunting. Co-ops Africa simplifies these processes, our proficiency in financial management allows your cooperative to focus on growth and sustainability.

Co-ops Africa Systems

What sets Co-ops Africa apart is our commitment to being on the ground with your cooperative. Our dedicated resource ensures that we understand your unique challenges and tailor our services accordingly. We become an integral part of your team, ensuring seamless collaboration and swift resolution of any compliance issues.


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